How to Find a Good Flower Shop in Dubai

If you are in Dubai and thinking of where you can get the best flowers for an event or any special occasion, then you should know some tips on how to find some good flower shop in Dubai. These good flower shops will usually have the best and freshest variety of flower available in the market because they also serve a big clientele for their flowers. For example, they could be serving hotels, resorts, companies, and restaurants and of course private individuals.

Here are some of the things you should check in order to know if you are buying flowers from a good flower shop in Dubai:

Advance Orders – good flower shops should be able to take your advance orders with no problem. This advance orders actually help the flower shop have a smoother operation and to know what flowers they already need to stock on or which ones they need to order. Placing your flower orders in advance can improve the freshness of the flowers you are going to get because that means your orders were not lying around on some shelf for days. They are actually kept on the flower shop’s fridge or stock room until they are ready to be arranged and used for your event.


Online Payment – not all shops selling flowers are able to offer online payment yet. That’s because  they may not have a big online market so they don’t bother setting up their different online payment methods. For bigger flower shops who also have the money to invest already in technology or make arrangements with banks, online payment is so natural and expected that it would be difficult to find any substandard flower shop offering this kind of service. You can choose from different means to pay online, such as through Paypal or bank transfer.


Next-Day Delivery

Want to really get the freshest flowers for your company event, marketing event, special school awarding, and the likes? Then you have to know if the flower shop delivery you are trying to get has nest-day delivery service. You might think in the beginning that this kind of service is just a plus and that you have to just go the flower shop yourself. However, the moment you try this kind of service, you will realize that why haven’t you tried this a long time ago?


Flower delivery from flower shops are really convenient and you should take advantage of them as much as you can because it is really demotivating to still go out and try to look for flowers for hours at different stores where you can just surf online, choose the flowers and the arrangement you like, and then pay your total bill online in just a matter of minutes compared to about 2-3 days. These are just some of the things you need to think about when looking for a flower shop. Check out this site for more information on their latest promos and special discounts and flowers.  out Mercury Flowers – Flower Shop in Dubai

What to Check When Creating Your Ecommerce Site

Whether you are already in the online selling business or you are someone just thinking of making your own site to sell your products and services, there are certain things that every good ecommerce site has and you cannot take away, otherwise the entire customer experience will be at lost. When you are trying to create an ecommerce site, make sure you hire ecommerce expert in Dubai who can take care of all the following elements on your website.

Shopping Cart

You cannot have an ecommerce site and not have a shopping cart on it. That’s because this is where your online customers can put in their products when they are shopping. You also have to make sure that the shopping cart you have is very distinct and easy to see when customers are shopping so that they can easily add items to this cart. It is advisable that you put your shopping cart somewhere at the top corner of your site so that customers can see it easily without being interrupted with their shopping.

When it comes to the actual individual items that you have on your website, make sure that after each item, you have a check box or any button that the customer can easily see and click if they want to add that particular button to their shopping cart. There should also be a button right next to the shopping cart that can remove items in case the customer changes his or her mind and wants to remove a product. For details about your shopping cart design, contact Creative 971 – Ecommerce Website Expert now for help and expert advice and service for creating your ecommerce site.


Log-in Button

It is better if you have a log-in button for your customers who want to shop on your online store. Although some may want to just shop without creating an account, it is best to have this option of creating their personal account so that you can know what the customer has previously ordered and to be able to send follow-up messages or promos to them when they shop. You can also easily monitor the types of customers that purchase certain products and which ones are most popular to them. It is just a way for you to monitor who your visitors and customers are and make sure you are able to respond to their demands or needs when needed.


Review Button

A lot of online shoppers buy stuff online because they read some reviews and think they can trust the seller. So for your website, make sure you are also using review buttons, start ratings, or feedback/comments sections where past customers can write their review and encourage others to buy your products. When customers write negative reviews, you can ask them the reason and make offers to make up to their unsatisfactory experience. This can be a good way for you to win more customers and have some very loyal ones go back to buy your products again.